The printmx way to print

We are one of the largest print manufactures in the UK

PrintMX are one of the largest print manufactures in the UK. Print should not be complicated, and we have the most advance print marketplace on the web. Our production and technology capability is backed up with a customer service team who have hundreds of years of experience in print between them.

The professional print buyers 1st choice

PrintMX has been set up to support professional print buyers and provide everything you need, whether its litho, digital, dye-sublimation or large format print.

Buying your print from us is extremely efficient and cost effective. We work with print buyers on a daily basis and have captured all of the key requirements needed to deliver the right content to the right place at the right time. The benefits of using PrintMX have been outlined below:

Competitive prices

Instant prices

24/7 technical advice

24/7 support

Exceptional print Quality

Realistic fast lead times

All In-house manufacturing

Complimentary Print Academy

The printmx way:

As a print manufacturer we have a wealth of print production capabilities, such as Lithographic, Digital, Wide Format, Dye-Sublimation and the production of personalised products. With a heritage firmly in print manufacturing, PrintMX has an enviable reputation built on customer centric manufacturing processes. We are recognised as one of the most efficient sheetfed printing plants worldwide (as quoted by Heidelberg and KODAK).

Using our competitive advantage in technology, creative, design, artwork and print production we will reduce your cost, by ensuring we only get involved at the right point of the process to improve your speed to market and ensure brand consistency. Our knowledge and skill in this area has been built up from experience and having a focused management structure to partner with our clients and provide tangible improvements.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We are print professionals with a reputation that has been earned over time. We have the latest manufacturing technologies, equipment, and bags of experience. You can be sure that your print job is in safe hands.

The printmx way:

At PrintMX we have complete control of the production schedules, quality control and logistics of every client’s job. We can monitor each job to ensure delivery schedules are met every time.

Environmentally friendly

At PrintMX we are passionate about the environment. As a direct manufacturer we source all materials for our customers print which have a minimal impact on the environment. Meanwhile, we’re constantly working to ensure we leave the lightest possible print footprint.

The printmx way:

Paper is either delivered to the customer or recycled into pulp for conversion into low-grade paper

Any waste ink or varnish is recycled and converted into an ignition fuel for blast furnaces

All litho inks are vegetable based

All card is recycled into low grade paper

Plastic wrapping is recycled into low grade plastic e.g. for the production of drainpipes

Ink tins are smelted down and the metal re-used in the automotive industry plastic Coater Drums are converted into water butts or pheasant feeders

All our metal plates are smelted down and reused for the production of car bodies

Rubber blankets are shredded and converted into the surface of children’s playgrounds

We use very few chemicals, but those we do use are purified into water

We re-use all the pallets we can ourselves, those we cannot are repaired for re-use. The remainder are chipped and sold as heater fuel

Ink drums are cleaned and reused

IBCs are cleaned and reused

State-of-the-art technology

Our advanced online technology makes ordering your print simple and puts you firmly in control. Simply choose your desired item from one of our product tabs and enter your details for an instant quote. No lists, no grids, no forms to fill in. Browse the marketplace to see different options to suit your budget and lead time.

Our technology will even let you manipulate your uploaded files. Once your file is uploaded to our servers you can view your proof, change page sequence, add blank pages, rename files, or delete entire pages altogether.

The printmx way:

Advanced and user-friendly ordering system

Instant prices

Online proofing

Email your quotes

Create an account and archive orders

Ability to manipulate files after upload

Free print file check

Once your print files have been uploaded our unique online software will process and generate a preview within a few minutes. You will then be able to check this proof to make sure you’re happy before we proceed to production. Our advanced system automatically checks for areas of concern and will highlight whether the resolution is too low. Our print subject matter experts will also check your print files for technical issues. If we can’t fix these for you, we’ll let you know before we proceed to print.

The printmx way:

PrintMX will always send you a print file preview

Free automatic print file check’s (system & pre-press team)

Online proofing before printing

Specialist assistance throughout the entire process

Unbeatable customer service

Don’t worry about jargon jumbling your thoughts and technical terms throwing up obstacles. Our crack team of UK based dedicated print experts will advise you at every single stage of your order.

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The printmx way:

Professional help 24/7

Easily contactable customer service team

No technical jargon

You always speak to our UK based on site team