Industry standard sizes

Whether you want to print a flyer, a magazine or a hardback book, there are a number of common industry sizes for the many different printed products.

Standard A sizes

Many of our products conform to standard A sizes, including a range of the most common and popular formats. Check out this quick guide to A sizes.

Does your project calls for something a little bit different? No problem! Just contact us to get a quote for a custom-sized product.

Standard 'A' paper sizes from A0 - A6

Product sizes

Many printed products have very specific size guidelines. For example, magazines are usually A4, standard flyers are A5 or DL, and posters are typically A3 (although they can be printed much larger).

Specialty items like comic books have their own standard sizes such as US Standard.

Here’s a list of some popular printed products and their most common sizes. In addition to these, our instant price calculator offers several other choices. You can also request custom sizing, if necessary.

Product Common sizes
Magazines A4, A5
Brochures A4, A5
Comic books US Standard
Posters A0, A1, A2, A3
Flyers and leaflets A5, DL, DL Long

Book sizes

In addition to the standard sizes described above, paperback and hardback books also have a range of less commonly used sizes. If you don’t know what size your book should be, we recommend choosing a standard A size.

If you have a certain book or booklet size you want to replicate (like a Penguin paperback) and you’re not sure about the dimensions, please read our guide on measuring.

How to measure your book size

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
A4 210 297
A5 148 210
Novel 127 203
Standard 132 197
Demy 138 216
US Royal 152 229
Royal 156 234
Square - 210 210 210
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