Our automated proofing system makes checking your artwork easy. But it's up to you to carefully review, check, and confirm that everything is correct before going to print. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We're always happy to help!

Electronic proofs

Once you have your quote, and you’ve clicked ‘Add to Basket’, you will be taken to the Artwork Dashboard. This is where you upload your files, and the automated proofing begins.

There are three ways to check proofs:

1. Preview

Click on the ‘Preview’ button to view the pages in an ebook format.

The 'Preview' button in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

2. PDF Proof

Click on the ‘Proof’ button to download a PDF proof to your desktop.

The 'Proof' button in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

3. Thumbnails

Click on the individual thumbnails to view the trim parks, bleed marks, and gutter boundaries.

Below you can see page thumbnails

Page detail view in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

Click a thumbnail to see more detail

Page thumbnails in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

Warnings triangle

If our automatic proofing system flags an issue with your files, a warning triangle will be displayed, along with the following text: ‘your files have raised some warnings’.

Click the ‘Show’ button to view a list of the issues found by the system, and on which pages they appear.

Show warnings in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

List of print file warnings in the Mixam Artwork Dashboard

Checking your proofs

There’s no limit to the number of edits you can make to your electronic proof. Keep making changes until you’re satisfied. If you’re new to printing, we recommend giving yourself some extra time to review your files carefully.

Make sure you check:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Graphic design and style choices

You can choose to send your project to print without resolving the issues flagged by our system, but if you do, we can’t fix any problems that might arise as a result.

You are responsible for your project’s words and images, and how they’re organized and prepared for production.

Our team of experts can help you resolve certain graphical and layout issues before going to print.
However, we work from the understanding that the content and design you submit is what you wish to use for the final project.

This means we do not check for typos or problems with the content.

To avoid any common issues, please follow our helpful checklist.

Print file set up checklist

Proofing recommendations

We recommend taking the time to do the following when proofing your designs:

Manual check – Review all issues flagged by our system. Manually check every single page. Our system will catch the vast majority of technical printing issues, but it still isn’t as sharp as the human eye.

Please check that the sequence of your pages is correct and that all required pages are displayed in the previews.

Images – Our website will warn you if images are under 100dpi, or if fonts aren’t embedded within your file. We can print your file with low resolution images. We can’t print your file if fonts aren’t embedded, and would require you to embed the font and resupply the artwork. This can delay the print job, so please double check.

Bleed – Click on each individual thumbnail to check the content is within the trim boundary.
You can also check that important information is not within the quiet areas or in the spine gutter boundary (if the item is to be perfect bound).

Text – Make sure all fonts are embedded correctly and that there are no strange text characters appearing in your proof. Also keep an eye out for missing text, and check that everything is in the right place. Always proofread and spell check your prints before uploading.

Proper proofing prevents disappointment.

Printed page with spelling errors

Colour matching

Your designs should be in CMYK colour when uploading. Our system will automatically convert RGB to CMYK, however this can cause some colour variations. It’s best to create your artwork in CMYK from the start.

We cannot guarantee that the colours on your screen will match the colours of the final print product. If colour is critical, get in touch and we’ll do our best to get the results you want.

Learn more about converting RGB to CMYK

Example of an RGB image
RGB image
Example of the same image set to CMYK
CMYK image

Delivery dates

If our team flags any issues with your print order and bring these to your attention, it will delay the printing process until they’re resolved. We are happy to work closely with you to fix these issues. However, to avoid delays, please check your work carefully before uploading.

Estimated delivery displayed on the order screen
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